3D Implant Planning and Surgical Guides

At C-Dental X-Ray, we continue to innovate to support a wide array of third party software. NewTom data is 3.0 DICOM compatible, which is now the industry standard. 3.0 DICOM data is compatible with all third party volumetric software. In response to the explosion of implant surgical guide market, we are now supporting all the most popular systems. the radiographic guide is the critical first step to most 3D planning systems. If you will not manufacture the radiographic guide yourself, you may use your regular dental prosthetic lab. Here are the labs we have worked with in the past. They are familiar with the radiographic guide protocols.

Recommended Dental Labs

iDent Scan2Guide

Scan2Guide is a simple and effective implant placement software. iDent provides software sales, training and support. iDent also manufactures sugical guides in Northern California. The software may be used on a trial basis for 10 uses. If you would like to download Scan2Guide please contact the United States iDent office for access (650-212-1701 or
Download Scan2Guide Info Package

Send us a case. We can convert a scan to iDent not scanned at one of our facilities, review a treatment plan to ensure optimal guide fabrication or simply fabricate the surgical guide from your IDT file.
Upload DICOM for iDent Conversion
Upload DICOM of modified guide
Upload a Treatment Plan for Review
Upload an IDT file


C-Dental is a Simplant Master scan site.   We are the only Simplant Master scan site in Northern California.  Using Simplant software, we can format your patient’s scan for optimal use within the Simplant implant placement software. We do the CT conversion for you so your time at the computer can be spent treatment planning.
Simplant Radiographic Guide Protocol
Upload DICOM for Simplant Conversion

Nobel Biocare Procera

We are also a Nobel Biocare Procera master scan site. After the patient and scan prosthesis are scanned, we complete the CT conversion portion of the case for you. We then provide you with the Procera files so when you are ready to virtually place the implants, the 3D models are ready to go.
Procera Radiographic Guide Protocol
Upload DICOM for Procera Conversion

Dolphin Imaging

At C-Dental X-Ray, Inc. we are running Dolphin Imaging Premium 11. If your office runs on Dolphin please let us know we will be glad to deliver all of your cases in Dolphin file format. There is no need for your staff to input images one at a time. We also support earlier versions of Dolphin.
If you are running Dolphin 11 we can include Volumetric Imaging as well in the Dolphin file format. If you are not running your practice with Dolphin but would like to view you cases in a interactive format complete with 3D viewing, please inquire about our simple Dolphin 3-D Viewer.
Dolphin .daz File Import Instructions
Dolphin Viewer .daz File Import Instructions

Downloading Your Cases

We can also make your cases available for download. We can do this upon request or as a standard servic eon all of your cases. Receiving cases this way is fast, efficient, secure and HIPPA compliant.  Many of our referring doctors have "gone-paperless." We will work with you to make images available for download in a format that works best with the system in you office. Please call or e-mail us at to put an e-mail address on file for electronic delivery.

Log into our server to download your files. If you do not have a password please e-mail

If you would like to meet with us to talk about making volumetric imaging a part of your practice, please contact us to schedule a meeting.
Joanna Peck-Rashid at the Menlo Park office (650-323-0204 or